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Mercedes Sprinter Limited-Slip Differential

Mercedes Sprinter Limited-Slip Differential

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Upgrade your Mercedes Sprinter with the Dark Star Offroad™ exclusive Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential. Enhance your van's capability in any condition, on or off-road, without compromising fuel efficiency. Say goodbye to slippery situations and hello to enhanced traction, courtesy of Dark Star Offroad™ proprietary technology.


Unleash the full potential of your Mercedes Sprinter with DarkStar Offroad's revolutionary Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential, available exclusively from DarkStar Offroad. Engineered to deliver unparalleled performance and versatility, this proprietary technology transforms your van's traction capabilities, regardless of road or weather conditions.

Designed for 2007+ 2WD, 4x4, and AWD Sprinter models, the Traction Boost LSD enhances traction and stability without sacrificing fuel efficiency. Whether you're navigating challenging off-road terrain or traversing slick city streets, this innovative differential ensures your van maintains traction and control, even at higher speeds.

Say goodbye to slippery situations and embarrassing moments with DarkStar Offroad's Traction Boost LSD. No more tales of getting stuck in the parking lot while your ski buddies recount your misfortune. With the Traction Boost LSD, you'll have the confidence to tackle any driving scenario with ease.

Securing your Traction Boost LSD is simple. Place a deposit, and a dedicated DarkStar Offroad team member will personally assist you in booking an installation at our Salt Lake City headquarters or one of our authorized installers. Trust DarkStar Offroad to elevate your Sprinter's performance with our exclusive Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential.


Includes the LSD unit, New Mercedes OEM Differential Bearings, New Mercedes OEM Pinion Bearing and Seals, New Mercedes OEM Outer Axle Housing Seals, New Mercedes OEM Ring Gear and Pinion, ARP Bolt Hardware, New OEM Differential Fluid. 




Recommended for for 2WD, AWD, and 4x4 Mercedes Sprinters (2007 and newer - NCV3 and VS30). Not compatible with the 3500 DRW (Dually).

Utilizes the 3.92 and 4.18 Factory Gearing  (No reflashing of the Mercedes Computer needed, thus no voiding of the factory warranty). No swapping of gear ratios is possible due to Mercedes-Benz warranty and possible computer or driveline damage potential.

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Is the DSO Limited-Slip Differential Compatible With All Vans?

No; this part IS COMPATIBLE with the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters 2007-Current NCV3 and VS30 in both 2WD, AWD, and 4x4.

It is NOT COMPATIBLE with the 3500 DRW (Dually) or T1N Chassis Sprinters.

What If My Van Already Has 4WD or AWD?

Limited-slip differentials are made to compliment the 4x4 and AWD systems and make it way more capable in both on-road and off-road situations.

Does a LSD Installation Void My Factory Warranty?

Yes and no. Depending on the problem, some dealerships will be more lenient that others. It is not absolute. The LSD itself has a lifetime warranty, and the rest of the parts used in the installation are factory OEM Mercedes parts. Similarly, there's no electronic or user interface. The Mercedes computer will not throw any codes - it just senses that the van has more traction. Similarly, because there's no user interface - it does not need to be turned on/activated or turned off.

Does a LSD Change Ride Quality or Fuel Efficiency?

The limited-slip differential will enhance your off-road capabilities, and inspire more confidence in everyday driving situations. It will also make your camper van safer in rainy or snowy weather. It has no impact on tire wear or fuel efficiency.

Does a LSD Require Additional Maintenance?

No. Similarly, there is no break-in period or friction additives necessary. The Traction Boost Limited-Slip Differential uses the factory OEM differential fluid, and maintains the factory service intervals.

Does the LSD Have to Be Installed at DarkStar Offroad in Utah?

No! We have a national network of certified installers who we trust and vet out for this technical installation. See our list of certified installers at the bottom of this page.