The Dark Star Offroad RAM ProMaster Lift Kit

The Dark Star Offroad RAM ProMaster Lift Kit

The Dodge RAM ProMaster is a great van chassis to build upon for your camper van conversion thanks to its box-style dimensions that make it the widest of all van platforms.

As a FWD (Front Wheel Drive) setup, however, lifting one for more off highway or off road capabilities presents some challenges. It utilizes a suspension platform that’s more typically seen on a car versus a truck - which can see additional stress when lifted.

We wanted to create a system that would provide a safe lift without adding additional stress to the overall drivetrain, but provide enough ground clearance for anything underneath that could be damaged on a trail.

The Goal of Our ProMaster Lift Design

In addressing these challenges, we set out two major engineering goals.

  1. Lift the van enough to provide ample ground clearance for off road use
  2. Lift the van without stressing the drivetrain

Increased Tire Size + Tread

With the first goal - we determined that fitting a 245/75/16-inch size tire onto the van would provide enough traction and clearance for true off-road capabilities.

Upgrading to a 245 tire also provides an extra half inch of ground clearance. From the factory, these vans are typically spec’d with a 225/75/16. While this doesn’t sound like much of a difference - it’s substantial - and allows for more aggressive tire treads that can take you further on the trail.

How Our Lift Design Is Different

To make this tire size increase possible on the ProMaster chassis, we had to keep in mind the limits of the stock drivetrain and it’s MacPherson style strut. Adding a spacer above the strut is a typical way of lifting this type of suspension.

We noticed, however, that doing this alone added undue stress on the standard axles - putting them at an angle that isn’t desirable for long term durability, let alone off-roading.

Owner and founder of Dark Star Offroad, Aaron Pfadt saw an opportunity to make a lift that dropped the subframe of the engine, keeping the axles at a better angle in the lift that reduces stress on the drivetrain.

Lift Your ProMaster Van Today!

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